Our First Flag Pole

Dan Christensen repainting the flag pole on August 23, 2012.

Early Spring of 1992, Ronald Hansen Sr. and Alton Schmitt installed a donated flag pole behind the Church Monument.  The U. S. Flag has flown on various occassions.  In the summer of 2011, a solar pole light was added and the U. S. Flag was raised and has flown proudly since. 

Our display of the U. S. Flag is a tribute to our country as well as for any veterans that are laid to rest here.  

Gladys Hansen standing by Church Momument and new flag pole, in the back ground is Alton and Ronald.
Ronald Hansen Sr putting finishing touch on flag pole base.
Alton Schmitt and Ronald Hansen Sr getting ready to make foundation of flag pole.

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Our New Website is Online

In 2012 our organization developed a website to share our information.